Drain King and/or Balloon

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Drain King and/or Balloon

Post  NesOne on 4/30/2008, 01:09

For clogged drains in your shower or sink I have found a Drain King http://www.handihome.com.au/drain_king.htm or drain balloon to work great. It's basically a rubber adaptor that you screw on to your hose, and stick as far down as you can down your drain, and turn on the hose full blast. It works, unless the clog is real bad, and your water routes through the ventilation pipe, which in my case is up and out of my roof, so I had to go cover that pipe, and then it worked.

The best thing about these balloon type things, is that they are cheap, under $10. That beats renting a snake. Any hardware store should have these things too.

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Re: Drain King and/or Balloon

Post  Admin on 4/30/2008, 09:18

Someone was using their brain when they came up with that.
Beats the hell out of 30$ for a snake that I bought.

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